This is new Boyband in the USA. They are young, pretty and have fantastic voices. There first Single Closer is out now.

New District has 5 members:

Devin/18 from New York City, he’s the oldest and he often has the responsibility. He loves music and plays the guitar. When he’s older he wants to buy a restaurant for his mum. His voice is quiet and beautiful.

Felix/17 from Düsseldorf, Germany is semi-Thai. He seems verry shy but he’s very funny. He likes keeping calm. 

Dylan/16 from Dalles,Texas is the dreamer of the group. He plays the piano and often wears hats. He doesn’t look on the externals and likes the characters.

Jaden/15 from Sylt,Germany is the sunnyboy of the group. He enjoys his life and loves his friends. He became famous with his YouTube videos where he upload comedys and songs for his fans. 

Sean/15 from Miami,Florida is the youngest of the boys. He is verry crazy and makes a lot of fun. He is accustomed to live in trouble because he has 9 brothers and sisters.